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Great, great time…

Well folks, just finished another exciting day of streaming All-Star festivities. However, unlike previous days, this one marks the end of my "Big, Fat, Baseball Adventure." I can tell you, though, that this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. From meeting former Giant great Will Clark (one of my heroes) to racing my son Travis down the Coke slide at AT&T Park, to actually having the American League team come within a hair’s breath of me this afternoon, the last six days have been ones I’ll never forget.

However, what has truly made this a unique and wonderful experience is the fact that I was able to bring all of this to you! As you all know, by watching and chatting with me, you were taking part in the world’s first Fancast, and that’s just awesome. I want to thank all of you out there who have been watching, especially those who I had a chance to meet in the chat room. It’s because of you folks that I think we managed to build a community even in just a matter of days. I actually had the opportunity to meet some of you in person which was really cool.

I also want to send out a very special thanks to the good folks at who made this all possible.

Let me add that while I’ve always loved baseball, this experience has made me appreciate the game – and its fans – that much more.

Anyway, I better get back to the game so I’m going to sign off. However, before I do, I’ll leave you with a few nuggets below from today’s pre-game festivities.

Thanks to all of you again and be well!

"Dr. Doug"

Today’s highlights:

All-Star player parade

Checking out the Giants batting cages and going into the dugout

This is what it’s like to be interviewed on TV

I’m in the dugout!

This is great! I’m at

Highlights of my Big Day at AT&T Park

Check out the News Feed at for all the highlights of my sightings and encounters at AT&T Park today via my famous hat-cam. Simply click on "New" under the News Feed to view the following highlights and MANY more!

In the Dugout – tipped at 2:59pm
I’m overwhelmed by having the privilege of being in the Giants dugout, while my tour guide describes the scene.

Derrick Lee – tipped at 3:12pm
Tail end of Derrick Lee’s batting practice followed by Bonds being introduced to the raucous fans in attendance.

BONDS – tipped at 3:12pm
Barry Bonds at the plate taking batting practice.

Will Clark – tipped at 3:10pm
I’m briefly conversing with the former Giants great, Will Clark.

Slide War: Dr. Doug slides in safe – tipped at 4:03pm
Actually, a clip of my son Travis and me racing down the famous Coca Cola slides of AT&T park.

I’m broadcasting live from a camera on my hat inside AT&T Park right now!

Check out the live feed from a camera on my hat, direct from the ballpark! Go to

I’m being given a tour of the ballpark

I’m getting the "official" tour of AT&T Park. Check it out LIVE at

First ever live FanCast: I’ve just entered the stadium!

I’ve  just entered the stadium! Check it out now at

Awesome Footage From the Cove

I’m on a boat out in the middle of McCovey Cove.  Breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay and AT&T Park.  Plus a little drama as well.  From 1:30pm today.

Go to the site, and under the red News Feed bar, click on the link called New.  Then click on the link called "Awesome footage from the Cove."

Welcome to the All-Star Fancast

Let me show you the All-Star festivities now

Hello world, but more importantly, hello sports fans.

I have to say that it?s been a little bizarre to be walking around the floors of FanFest with a video camera on my hat. Since the front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle, I?m getting recognized all the time.

So why am I doing this?  Because I love the game of baseball. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it has been incredible so far.  I?ve spent the last couple of days at All-Star FanFest, and it?s been awesome. Some highlights have included a brush with one of my all-time favorite ballplayers, Will ?The Thrill? Clark, making contact with a 120-mph fastball, seeing one of Babe Ruth?s first game-used bats, watching baseballs being stitched, and learning about the greatest game from the legends who played it. It?s also been a blast meeting so many hardcore baseball fans, young and old, under one roof. Unforgettable!

And it has truly been an honor to serve as the eyes and ears of fans who cannot be here to attend the festivities in San Francisco. is licensing this opportunity exclusively to and providing me access, thus becoming the first-ever experiment of its kind in sports. We are on the cutting edge of something that could become big in the days ahead, so make sure you watch my view regularly, and get a free account so you can also chat during the fancast.

Today, my hilarious and very cute new friend, Judy Otto-matic, and I will be checking out the XM Satellite Radio Futures Game and the Taco Bell Legends & Celebrities Softball Game at AT&T Park. And later tonight, I hear that is throwing a heckuva party. I?ll see if they?ll let me in. And of course, I can?t wait for the State Farm Home Run Derby (wish Bonds was participating) on Monday and the All?Star Game itself on Tuesday.

Please join me on the rest of my journey and let?s see what lies ahead.

Dr. Doug